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manticore on cellsdisco+breakcorelabs

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my pd patch for vjing

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2 video channels, 3 video layer on each channel, LFO, video routing, multiple render shape…. +nds controller soon…

jancukcontroller: osc controller

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as soon as i received my nds, i began to tinker this wonderful device and i found out that its possible to connect my macbookpro directly to this device using built in airport and with some resources from Devscene, libnds, and libmidiwifi i began to write my own OSC controller framework. I want this to be very simple and have a good flexibility so i design it to be more modular so you can write up your own controller easily.

  // create horizontal slider

  void initControl()
  { = 1; = "/preset1/Hslider";
    Hslider1.x = 10;
    Hslider1.y = 140;
    Hslider1.width = 110;
    Hslider1.height = 20;
    Hslider1.curvalue = 10;

currently there are 4 different control available: kaosspad, horizontal slider, vertical slider, and button. Expect to see more feature soon..

ps: project url @