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Laravel Database Designer


Laravel Database Designer is a graphical migration tools for creating database schema for Laravel 4 PHP Framework. Laravel Database Designer is heavily inspired by Laravel Schema Designer ( Start using LaravelDB Designer here


hackTV/RGBvertexnoize [installation] (2011-2012)


a collaboration with andreas siagian and adhari donora. We hacked a several TV sets to enable the audience could broadcast themselves in real-time using the helps of cctv and computer software details:

docs on wiki: projects:rgbvertexnoize

tools:openframeworks, pdlib, puredata, arduino
source code:
download binary:


ergoKinect [research] (2011)


Growly Notes Skripsi 1

using kinect to calculate ergonomic rating of body posture. tools: openNi, openFrameworks


Any surface projection mapping tools [puredata] (2011)

anysurfaceSD from Budi Prakosa on Vimeo.

teaser.. source code coming soon..


fux_qrcode – puredata qrcode decoder (2011)

Fux qrcode

Decode QR code


fux_kinect – puredata kinect external (2011)

Kinect pd

Kinect depth viewer based on libfreenect

source code:


fux_glitch – puredata glitch/databending external (2011)

Skitched 20110808 140333

source code:


PD Gem_2_Flickr (2010)


upload GEM output to flickr

source code:


P.A.D.I Project (2010)


sonification of data feed fetched from mysql database, using python as a puredata gateway to the internet

source code:


VJ Manticore Puredata Patch (2009)


some patch and modules that im using for vjing performance (now with support of NDS jancukcontroller for remote vjing)

source code:


Jancukcontroller (2009)


jancuk = fuck. this is a lemur-wannabe-clone-cheap crap ninentdo ds homebrew software.

source code:


leakr a.k.a fork (2008)


FORK (formerly known as before taken down by dmca). This projects started as a private search engine as popularity increasing im decided to make it publicly available



HTTP debugger (2001)


my project when i was high school – proxy and realtime http debugger


HTML Ripper (2001)

Manticore+ +budi prakosa

my project when i was high school – small tool to view server http header