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Puredata Glitch External

31.05.2011 (11:36 pm) – Filed under: vision ::

Glitchbos copy 8

Glitchbos copy 7

Glitchbos copy 2

Glitchbos copy 3

Glitchbos copy 4

Glitchbos copy 5

Glitchbos copy

The Puredata glitch external provides a framework to create glitch art which is open to further development and collaboration as an alternative to common glitch programming applications such as quartz composer or command line tools. The Puredata glitch external real time video processing results in a series of glitch visual images and video.

video preview:

4 Responses to “Puredata Glitch External”

  1. Enkidu rankX Says:

    I so do love this stuff. I am dwelling in similar fields of glitch ( but I have to glitch manually first. Does this external glitch in real time, on the fly? Can I get it somehow? Tnx 4 keepin it up.

    Greetz from Berlin


  2. Enkidu rankX Says:

    Sorry, found the files now, but it’s as often only 4 mac. Such a shame for I am a Windows user. Anyhow. In case you decide to put out a Win version, I am first in line. tnx – Enkidu

  3. Budi Prakosa Says:

    hi thanks, im having a lot of trouble when trying to compile it on windows…

  4. Enkidu rankX Says:

    Such a shame! This is like a wet dream, if you pardon the expression 😉 There is nothing like it out there. Well, be kind to inform me, when there is a version worth trying. I will try on my own side if I can find someone, who can do this. Tnx. Enkidu

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